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Dirty Girls Get Wet


Info: Shower or tub, every gal needs a rub. This has a couple of girls go wool-gathering can't help but realize "wet." The first has two girls getting clean, and then one gets dirty again. Sitting on the edge of the tub, she fingers until her lips smack. Painless she works her nipples of her large boobs, she cums again and again. The second is a school join up hearing the sexy whimpers of her friend. Lying back, the girl lefts her skirt and has a go. Later, in the bathroom, she works her fingers and swells her lips; going around and around on her clit, it's not long before her wet fingers large in her pussy hair. With some nice close-ups, she sticks two fingers in and fucks until she orgasms again. With "one more" in her, she then washes off and heads out.
Added: 2015-01-06 | Duration: 1:50 | Tags: nipples sexy shower
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