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A Schooling In Masturbation


Info: Using my new camera, I check in on this hot school girl. In the brush room and playing a joke on the brush phone, she stretches out on the bed, nice. Seeing the brush in those pretty pink panties, I'm glad she's wearing the brush skirt. This is about the duration she gets the brush nightly shower so I also added a camera in the brush bathroom for "Alone," she doesn't mind getting dirty winning she washes. Rubbing the brush detailed nipples, she also slips a finger in the brush pussy and masturbates. As the wet hair wraps around the brush fingers, she pumps in and out. Sitting on the floor, the brush detailed pussy smacks with pleasure. Cumming, white cream coats the brush finger and vaginal lips. After she washes off the brush body, she relaxes in bed.
Added: 2014-10-20 | Duration: 1:14 | Tags: nipples masturbation camera
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