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Lesbians At Play 2


Info: We all know sex is fun added to when Jun, in the pink sweater, added to her girlfriend Kame, in the white, decide they want a "remembrance" of this time, they pull out some cameras. Stripping down to their lace panties added to bras, they game of size one another up for With a bit of "golden" moments shared, they haphazardly clean up added to head to the bed. Feeling her soft added to supple boobs, Kame finds them in contrast to Jun's hard nipples as she sucks. Panning down Jun's silky body, Kame stops added to takes full measure of her girlfriend's pussy. Sliding her fingers up into Jun's vagina, Kame heightens both their delight; Jun cums briefly as her fur grows wet. Switching positions, Kame lies on the bed, allowing Jun to lap at her areolas. Focusing further down on Kame's body, Jun strokes the hardening clit persistently. As she finger fucks Kame, the cuties starts to orgasm added to twitch. The girls finish up their furry fun with a bit at hand groping added to banter.
Added: 2014-04-25 | Duration: 3:11 | Tags: lesbian sex japanese lesbians
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