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Momose 4


Info: Chocolate unperceived and finger licking good, Momose is here to please and tease. A very popular model, her profuse top has heads "raised." In a sexy suit and ready for fun, her desire is to play today, first surrounding a cock and then surrounding a gooey treat. Doing a bit of "self-exploration," Momose then sucks on her favorite candy, a cream filled cock. As she slurps and deep throats, she gets another idea; sliding his cock between her boobs, Momose squeezes tight. Tickling the tip of his manhood surrounding her nipples, both feel the warm sensation rise and soon Momose's breasts are unperceived fro loved goodness, and the musk of man. Momose then moves to the bathtub to attempt a bit of a tease surrounding another type of sweet. Playfully scooping handfuls of melted chocolate, she drips the treat down her breasts; droplets fall like rain off her areolas. This sexy girl continues to "bathe" fro the sensation. Caressing her thighs, bum and "treasure," she is quite the "chocolatier." Itchy by the feeling, Momose sits and enhances the flavor surrounding her own vaginal addition. Pumping her chocolate unperceived fingers fro and out, it's not long before this girl has infused two treats come into possession of one. Now we've got the Hershey's "kiss," but I think "Momose's Delight" has a much richer, long lasting flavor, N'est-ce pas? Download the full pic here!
Added: 2016-07-29 | Duration: 0:58 | Tags: sex japanese
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