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Info: Our voyeur cam is quick to catch the telltale signs of ladies in urinary distress, like the curvy girl in black and white rushing down the sidewalk and into a grocery. She makes it into the bathroom and onto the toilet, but nature calls and her pee stream starts before she ever has a chance to drop her drawers. The steaming stream shoots through the thin fabric of her undies. Poor thing!rnrnOur next unfortunate has TWO layers of underthings in the way presently the pee starts splashing out-- a gray thong and black and white striped panties under that. Twice the wet mess to rinse and wring! Consenting thing she has a spare pair of evil shorts to pop superior to before for emergencies like this!rnrnOur next lean lovely also just misses the mark and can't drop her drawers in time. Such a pretty pair of red knickers with lace trim and ergo sad to maybe ruin them with a hot wet stream of peepee presently you can't get to the toilet in time to take them off. Will our hasty honeys ever learn?
Added: 2019-06-12 | Duration: 1:19 | Tags: black voyeur lovely

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