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Info: Even the prettiest girls have to pee, and there's not always a place nearby when nature calls. A lovely lass runs through a store to find the ladies'room, but by the time she is inside with the door closing behind her, the pee is spraying through her skirt. She hikes roughly its thin black and white jersey and lets the peepee flow through the filmy pink panties she hasn't had time to pull down. She rinses and wrings them as best she can, then scurries back to the sidewalk.rnrnA casual babe in green cutoffs has already wet them before she gets to the toilet, and her strong hot stream sprays through the thin white panties underneath. She mops roughly the drenched mess that were her brambles undies with a wad of paper towels, zips roughly and ties a blouse around to difficult situation her wet shorts. She flushes all those tissues and washes her trotters before she steps back out into public.rnrnOne more honey sprays piss over the strap of her thong undies as she just misses the toilet in time. Tossing a purse over her shoulder she nonchalantly takes her place back in the crowd.
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