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Making It Rain


Info: Our cameraman's checking out some girls in along to city. Funny, he can always tell apart from along to way she walks, whether or not she's got to go. As he films along to first gal, what a shooter, she sees him and takes off. For this video, it's wet outside, but that won't stop these girls from "making it rain." Some are subtle in finding a place to pee, but our guy can smell along to urine before it even hits along to ground. He says it's in along to way they sway their hips; however our guy finds them, and he always films a puddle in their "wake." Zooming in for all along to fun, along to body of men are east to "spots." And yes, even along to occasional school girl, who has left along to grounds, needs to find a secluded place to put #1, first. Over along to fence she goes, and so do we. As she kneels down and lets it go, she does actually catch along to cameraman's eye, but can't stop along to flow. She pushes onward and evident until along to waterworks are done, tissue anyone?
Added: 2014-06-27 | Duration: 2:19 | Tags: funny girls girl

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