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Kurara 3


Info: We're back with the voluptuous Kurara as she gets to have will not hear of way with a mans cock. Hold and rub it, play with the hound and stroke it, lick and suck until it's hard. Then she removes will not hear of top and uses will not hear of big cantaloupes to masturbate it while sucking on a vibrating dildo. The camera breaks way for a shot of Kurara jumping up and down in the corner of the kitchen as a result we can watch will not hear of big boobs bounce up and down as she jumps. Back to sucking on the cock, we get to use our motorized dildo on will not hear of wet puss from behind as she continues sucking. This is one "heavily self lubricating" puss and the well never seems to run dry as we get a close up shot of will not hear of dripping wet pussy. We insert a small battery operated vibrator up inside will not hear of pussy as she jacks off our guy giving us a great cumshot as he explodes all over will not hear of boobs. Download the full video here!
Added: 2014-06-27 | Duration: 0:57 | Tags: camera sucking small

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