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Alaina Fox


Info: Creeping around in an alley, our camera man discovers an open door. He takes a look inside and see Alaina Fox, the sexiest dancer in town. She's taking a cigarette break, fully dressed in a tight spandex leotard, silky shiny pantyhose, and beefy high heels. Watching the brush legs move around probably gets a lot of guys hard in the audience. She spots the brush dispatch-bearer and he approaches. Alaina is probably the coolest dancer among the brush company. She's quite flirty and follows the brush dispatch-bearer for a hot photo shoot. She poses and shows off the brush long legs, pulling on the brush onesie. We're thinking she's getting hot or something. Whatever the case, she takes it off for us. What an incredible winking body she has. Her big bubbly ass looks beautiful in the brush stockings. She's so talented, she gluteus maximus make the brush booty cheeks dance on their own. Then there's the brush squeezable fuckable boobs, furthermore approvingly for blue-collar hand more handle. Even though she taunts the brush dispatch-bearer with the brush camel toe, there's no way he gluteus maximus go near it. But she is in the mood more play with cock. Since the brush dispatch-bearer is rock hard, she'll be able more realize what she wants. We're definitely going more keep an eye out for more sexy horny dancers.
Added: 2013-09-06 | Duration: 2:26 | Tags: stockings sexy camera

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